The Contrade project is about producing premium quality wines, a Negroamaro (red) and a Malvasia-Chardonnay blend (white), with distinctive character and style, remarkable quality and an extraordinary market value. The Contrade project began in 2015 out of an idea of the Falvo family, owners of Masseria Li Veli winery in Puglia, Italy.

In producing this independent brand, the Falvo Family calls on its long–standing winemaking and marketing expertise and credibility, along with vine grower relationships. The wines are produced and selected on-site, near the vineyards of their origin, and then blended and bottled at Masseria Li Veli.

The red wine is a Negroamaro 100%, the most representative red grape of Salento, the sub-region of Puglia where the Contrade vineyards are located. Its wines are full-bodied and rich, elegant and with the typical soft tannins of the Italian “classics”. The word Negroamaro is a Latin-Greek contamination which emphasizes the colour of the grape: niger from Latin “black” and mavros from Greek “dark”.

The white wine is a blend of Malvasia Bianca (90%) and Chardonnay (10%): Malvasia is an ancient indigenous grape of the whole Mediterranean area. The name “Malvasia” derive from Monemvasia, a medieval and early Renaissance Byzantine fortress and trading center for wine produced in that area. Crispy, aromatic and floral, blended with  Chardonnay which comes very fresh, mineral and tasty.

The Contrade project is built on long-term partnerships with selected local grape growers, Puglia has long been known for its indigenous grapes and has been lately re-discovered as fine wines producing region.

The vineyards are planted in slight hills and plains, influenced by the warm local climate mitigated by the North/Eastern winds.  This combination gives wines that reflect their origin with elegance and best varietal characteristics: good structure and intensity on the palate, balance and harmony paired with lively acidity. The blend of grapes from different vineyard locations gives the wines complexity and texture, wide range of aromas and depth of flavor.

The name Contrade (Latin for parcel of land) refers to vineyards bordered by olive trees, stone walls or other natural features that become identifiable by their name. The Contrade label design is a restyled graphic of the rose window of one of the most popular baroque churches of Lecce, Basilica di Santa Croce.

With their modern and attractive look, Contrade wines represent today’s most popular wine categories: very appealing as casual drink or aperitif, as well as perfectly combinable with a wide range of food.